Republican Corruption!

The Republican convention is over and what a dog and pony show!! These conservative Republicans are scary and ignorant!! A congressman named Akin is running for Senate. He made a statement that a woman can’t get pregnant if raped because her body would reject the sperm!! What kind of people are in Congress? Stupid and evil people!! Republicans have obstructed everything the president tries to do!! The they blame him for not doing anything!! The sad thing is not only blocking the president but they are hurting the American people!!
I watched the Democratic convention and I was very impressed!! It was all positive and no negative!! The speakers at the convention did a great job!!
Saying that I am more confident in the president!! I am very hopeful he will win!!He must win! A Republican victory will spell a disaster!! The Republicans by their own deeds and actions have shown the crazy platform they have!!


Right Wing Take Over of GOP

Romney picked Paul Ryan as his choice for Vice-President. Ryan is ultra conservative! The statements they have been making is crazy stuff!! It was not just Romney and Ryan, but it seems all Republicans! So much so I am thinking they are trying to lose the election!
A Congressman, who is running made a statement that if a woman is raped she could couldn’t get pregnant because her body would reject the sperm! I couldn’t believe what I just read? That seemed to be were it all started! A politician.from PA said rape was kind of Like sex out of wedlock! What??? Romney has lied so nobody can believe a word out of his mouth! Get this Rush Limbaugh said that President Obama was steering Hurricane Isacc toward Miami so it will disrupt the RNC Convention!!
I was worried. but I am not any longer because the Republicans have beat themselves!!

Romney VP Pick!!

Romney made his pick for his Vice President today! It is Ryan Paul from Wisconsin! He is an ultra conservative! A Dick Cheney type!!
He has stated that he would do away. Medicare and would install a voucher system!! Welfare would be gutted! Planned Parenthood would cease to exist! PBS would also probably cease to exist!! Abortion would be se severely curtailed!! Women rights would curtailed! There is just too many to list that would hurt our country!!
Just remember on election day that both Romney and Paul are dangerous!! VOTE OBAMA/BIDEN!!

Middle class Republican!

I don’t understand the rank and file Republicans! They are not rich! They pay the same percentage of tax as most middle class do! Yet they reject that and defend the richest Republicans!
Mitt Romney has come out and said he would lower taxes for the rich but would raise taxes on the middle class by $200/year!!This is crazy how could a middle class Republican support this? I am a history. buff and thought about this!!
I have been observing this for awhile now. During the.Civil War. Among the Yet they fought!!Confederate, ninety percent of Confederates had no slaves, slaves meant nothing!! Poor and middle class southerners were fighting for nothing they were involved with. Rich plantation owners wanted their slaves and they persuaded the rank and file to fight and die for a lost cause, slavery!!
I see this same kind of thing today! Republican candidate Mitt Romney has in his tax plan an increase in taxes on poor and middle class!! He is going to lower taxes on the rich!! Romney’s election will not benefit them in anyway!! I don’t understand this?!
Would someone please explain this to me??

Voter Fraud vs Voter Suppression!!

Republican governors across the nation have or in process of requiring voters to provide ID in order to vote. They claim this was to protect from voter fraud.
When states were asked if voter fraud was a problem they said it was not a problem! In fact it was said you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than be a victim of voter fraud!? So why is this so important to require legislation? Voter suppression, that is why!
This is becoming an issue because Republicans want to suppress voters who would most likely vote for Obama! So it is acknowledged that voter fraud was NOT. an issue so let us not buy into the false claim of voter fraud and see it for what is, voter suppression being perpretated by the GOP!!

Republican Obstruction

President Obama has rough first term! He was left a mess by the previous administration! He had to bail out the banks and the automotive industry! He was heavily criticized by conservative Republicans! Well that’s fine, but the insults and name calling was uncalled for! I believe some racism was involved!
Republicans have criticized for not having a budget and no jobs bill. The President has tried to move forward on the economy! The Republicans have blocked him at every turn and then criticize him! The Republicans will do anything to try and prevent the President from being. Elected to a second term even if it is detriment to the country!!
This makes me angry as the GOP does not care about the they have their agenda to hell the rest! They did the same things with Bill Clinton but to a lessor extent. They treating the President much worse and that is where the racism! They have charged that the President was not born in US. They charged him with being Muslim! They called a socialist and a Communist! The GOP has gone to the extreme right and more moderate Republicans are criticizing their own party! This is unprecedented during an election year!!
Shame on the GOP!!